Snacks that help you lose weight

Snacks that help you lose weight

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Whether lying awake in bed at night when hunger pangs strike, or at a social gathering where bite plates are circulating, most of us have experienced food cravings which are just too hard to resist. When the time comes to choose your snack, are you ready to make the right decision? Changing to negative calorie foods for the majority of your snacking, combined with a good exercise program, can enable you to literally watch fat melt away! This report is going to offer you a jump-start in your nutrition with 10 negative energy snacks that will boost your metabolism and burn loads of calories.

1. Cabbage. I suggest supplementing a daily salad with sliced cabbage strips, or finding a healthy cabbage salad recipe.

2. Celery. Drenched in peanut butter and raisins doesn’t count.

3. Cucumber. Sliced cucumbers make a excellent addition to any salad or stir-fry.

4. Carrots.

5. Tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are terrific snacks, or pile them on a healthy sandwich with lettuce (another negative calorie food!) .

6. Blackberries/Raspberries/Strawberries.

7. Grapefuit. A bowl of fresh grapefruit on the breakfast table is a smart addition.

8. Watermelon/Honeydew/Canteloupe. Again, good for smoothies, nice for breakfast, ideal for snacking.

9. Peaches.

10. Mandarin oranges.

So how does this work? Basically, your body’s response to the presence of these foods results in the production of digestive enzymes, which act like little motors to break up carbohydrates, protein, and fat. However, due to their particular vitamin and mineral content, the enzyme response to these foods is so great that there are sufficient engines to not only break down the negative calorie food, but also additional calories that are present in digestion. So a 5 calorie piece of celery may take 30 calories to burn, leading to a negative 25 calorie intake. Amazing!

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